[Gambas-user] datacombo

T Lee Davidson t.lee.davidson at gmail.com
Sat Nov 21 21:47:48 CET 2020

On 11/21/20 4:07 AM, Fabien Bodard wrote:
> sorry my mistake I'm talking about a datacombo.
> It's the same if I set the record position on the underlaying datasource...
> I want to add an entry and then positionate on the last record... What
> I'm missing ?
> If I call Datasource1.MoveLast then the Combo is disabled :-/

Unfortunately, I can't be of much help. I can't even figure out what DataCombo is supposed to do nor how it is supposed to work. 
The doc says, "This control lets you edit the value of a field through another table whose primary key is that field" which 
doesn't make any sense to me.

I tried figuring it out by placing on a DataSource:
A DataBrowser, set to show two columns of a table, and
A DataCombo with its Field set to primary key of that same table.

The DataCombo showed the values in the second column of the table. And, when I clicked (or double-clicked?) a row in the 
DataBrowser, it copied the value of the second column into the primary key column and saved the data without me clicking on the 
Save icon. Plus, I got multiple exception notices which I did not separately log. The database data is now corrupted.


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