[Gambas-user] Merging with confidence

Bruce Steers bsteers4 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 20 20:26:15 CET 2020

Before when i merge requested a commit to add shell highlight to gambas i
knew very little about git.

I was completely unaware that any future modifications i made to that
branch of mine would auto add to the previous merge , eek, that was a
shocker and a risk with my little git understanding. i figured once the
merge was done that would be that. but no, more complicated than that it

Since then i've noticed a different way to make a merge request.

that is to go to the gambas official gitlab repository, navigate to a file
and directly edit it in the web browser.
Then you can hit Commit and it automatically makes me a temporary branch,
makes the merge request and sets the branch to delete itself upon merging.

That's much safer right? probably the safest way. Completely risk free from
any new modifications.

Just trying to be safe.
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