[Gambas-user] shell highlighting on non beta gambas

KKing kicking177 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 19 09:24:04 CET 2020

> A developer and user like yourself can easily handle upgrading gambas.
> Your average monkey can't though. And you wonder why gambas does not go
> beyond a single programmer environment type of thing?

Or those and larger companies tend to do this, who will not install 
anything that is not available from their selected distro's repos.

There is of course two sides (at least) to this. You need to have (as) 
stable (as possible) releases available in all major distro repos 
preferably all of the same version. But Gambas (thankfully) is 
constantly under development and improvement which means as "we" 
developers find new things we want to do (or things we used to do in 
other dialects) leads to more fixes and or additions (in some cases).

Now there is one strand of thinking that fixes should go into the last 
(single declared) stable version.
Part of the issue may be that is not a clear stable and separate 
development version(s) of Gambas?
With Gambas improving (and evolving) so much so quickly and without 
cloning Benoit it may be difficult to achieve this.


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