[Gambas-user] shell highlighting on non beta gambas

Bruce Steers bsteers4 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 18 20:55:10 CET 2020

How do you like these apples?

I have edited and re-compiled 3 gambas controls on 3 gambas versions to
enable shell highlights on older gambas because they're pretty unlikely to
be updated by the busy dev team on 3.15.90..

TerminalView is recompiled from the latest version and has all the latest
official bug-fixes from 3.15.90 (like 'clear' not giving errors)

The other 2 enable shell highlighting for TextEditor.

I've recompiled on Gambas 3.12.2 / 3.14.3 and 3.15.2-stable
Goto here...
Select the branch relevant to your version and clone the whole dir.
(the whole gambas source files were not really needed but i thought to
include them in case anyone wanted to do further modifications/bug-fixes)
Repository contains a bash installer to copy the .gambas components to
or do it yourself. init.

if you find it's not working the install can be quickly restored by typing
something like..
sudo apt reinstall gambas3-gb-eval-highlight gambas3-gb-form-editor

I've only done this to get my script editor working better on older gambas.
All the best.

# if you want something done , do it yourself.
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