[Gambas-user] Control.Public , "has no existence at runtime" I beg to differ.

Bruce Steers bsteers4 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 17 05:53:58 CET 2020


Property *Public* As Boolean

If the control is public.

*This property is virtual: it is only implemented in the IDE, and has no
existence at runtime.*


That's the wiki info and the info i get in the IDE.

Does not seem true though.

What seems true is if i want the control to be visible to other
classes/modules in my app then set this to True.

*I have just had the experience..*

*Was getting "FMain.TextArea1.Text Symbol does not exist error" in my

*So i set the TextArea1 Public flag to true but couldn't help notice the
help text though.*

The error's gone though.

Seems not so virtual to me
there I am , all implementing it outside the IDE and stuff.

Finding it not only exists at runtime but matters how it's set too.

Pedantic?  i dunno.  possibly.

Was going to edit the wiki but couldn't find the page.

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