[Gambas-user] Collections and 0 values.

Martin mbelmonte at belmotek.net
Mon Nov 16 09:48:42 CET 2020


I'm using collecions to storage spatial data of some CAD entitites like 
lines, text, etc. one of the tags are the angle, in radians, then when 
if i want to storage non 0 values no problem, but when the angle is 0 
the tag : value is not added.

I have seen this behavior before in collections with null values and of 
course with 0 values, like the one I am trying to use now.
The question is why is this defined like this? What sense does it make?
Would it be possible to support 0 values by changing something in the 
If 0 is a valid value to start counting an array, why is it not valid to 
define a 0 value?
Another related issue is settings, since it has the same behavior, what 
is the logic of this? the set of names of the variables that have value 
"" is lost.


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