[Gambas-user] Making an app gtk/qt switchable

Bruce Steers bsteers4 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 15 02:28:33 CET 2020

> >
> > yeah but Gambas IDE never used to be able to do it either but now it
> seems
> > it can.
> Since when? I did not see anything relevant in the last seven days of
> git log messages. If you find the commit, or can narrow it down more,
> it will be much easier to find the relevant code. Or if you can point
> to a button/menu in the IDE where this functionality sits now, I may
> be able to find it faster.
> ... that is what I would ask if I took your statement at face value.
> Here's an alternate response based on some speculations about what
> you observed and that you drew a wrong conclusion:
I did not know many details. sorry
i may have mistook Bens post the other day saying...

> "You are using the GTK+3 version of the IDE development version. In other
> words, you are testing.

> Just switch to the QT5 version if you need a more stable IDE.
> --
> Benoît Minisini""

I may have misinterpreted that as a simple option.
sorry is that a problem here?
I did not try to switch anyway as whatever problem i had got remedied. :)
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