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Bruce Steers bsteers4 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 14 13:45:55 CET 2020

Agreed being able to install multiple versions on one OS would be great,
Might take a bit of work though to change all for compiling.
I know of many places in the source files that use a gambas$(VERSION) type
of thing
but i guess it's well integrated. (did you change the version.m4 file? i
got a version change across the board changing that file.)
I tweak the revision number just so i know if i'm using a modified version
or not. never thought to change 3 to 4 and see if it makes gambas4
dirs/files instead, that's a good idea, might try it myself, there's a
gambas3 folder , plus a gbs3 and gbh3 that might need renaming but i think
version handling is pretty well set up in the installers with changing the
version.m4 file  :)

Currently i have my drives split (lots), i have 3x linux mint Os's 2x
Debian, 1x Manjaro 1x Ubuntu and a fedora i cannot boot (plus Windows10 but
who cares about that rubbish ;) ).
The LinuxMints have repo 3.14.3 version on one, beta 3.15.97 (my
bruces-patches branch) on another and the last has 3.14.4 (patched)
My patches basically include shell highlighting for TextEditor,
TerminalView "clear" fix. and handling to stop my test argument lists from
getting erased from my .project files, plus the makefile mime type installs
only run if needed as this speeds up 'make install' a lot as i compile
gambas a lot. (I won't use a non patched version of 3.15 anymore as it
damages my .project files)

Currently though (i should change this) only one OS is properly set up with
all the software i need on it, internet links/passwords etc. the others are
bare minimum test systems and often get re-installed as some of my testing
i want to do on fresh systems to better see issues with missing
dependencies and stuff.

Was the only way i could see though to get multiple gambas versions.


On Sat, 14 Nov 2020 at 11:13, KKing <kicking177 at gmail.com> wrote:

> > Trouble for me is i use gambas a lot, not just the IDE i've made a bunch
> > of custom apps for my own needs from managing git repositories to
> > managing gambas projects to my own text editor, etc.
> On my wish list is ability to have multiple versions of Gambas able to
> be spun up and run at same time, preferably a base "stable" version as
> supplied from the distro's official repo and then multiple built from
> source versions of Gambas. I can do similar with some other apps by
> specifying the folder it was built in and sometimes with passed
> parameters for differing support (e.g. tesseract training data) and it
> helps in supporting different environments and consumers and for
> sometimes trying to debug issues.
> I had a go at compiling Gambas trying to falsify the v3 as v4 (purely
> for own local consumption for above reasons) but it always seem to look
> for some dependency either labelled as 3 or in location where the v3
> install was. I ended up giving up on that for now.
> K.
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