[Gambas-user] Couldn't help but laugh, most of you will understand. - Now about other things

Martin mbelmonte at belmotek.net
Sat Nov 14 13:40:35 CET 2020


In sports boats there is a philosophy about prototypes (which are also 
the ones used in the race), if it broke it had little material, if it 
did not break it had too much material.
Gambas development seems to be something like this and this has some 
advantages and disadvantages, that is why, taking into account the 
destination of the program that is being developed, the developer must 
decide which version of IDE to use.
I think that for production programs a more stable version of gambas 
should be used and for development use the newer one. For this it is 
convenient to use two different GNU/Linux choosing at start which one 
use, It is also very useful to use a virtual machine.
Martin Belmonte.

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