[Gambas-user] Couldn't help but laugh, most of you will understand.

Bruce Steers bsteers4 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 13 17:58:50 CET 2020

Trouble for me is i use gambas a lot, not just the IDE i've made a bunch of
custom apps for my own needs from managing git repositories to managing
gambas projects to my own text editor, etc.

Right now selecting any top level menu causes all my apps to just close.
thus rendering a lot of them unusable.

and that's just todays problem.
Yesterday was mostly good apart from a bunch of broken features in the IDE
a can get by without using, today my apps don't work.
dag nab it.

For me with the amount of custom gambas apps i've made a problem like that
affects my whole system and i suddenly cannot function properly.

having bugs to deal with is one thing. having the latest test beta version
that even says "USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!" in the title can be like it says ,,

This morning i have had to..
Completely remove 3.15.90 and Re-install my customised 3.14 just so i can
use my programs as 3.15.90 is now broken and in turn makes all my apps
broken too.

If anyone has problems with bugs in Gambas please try something like
> Microsoft Access.

But I'm on Linux?  ;) lol
Can't I just have a good old moan? I'm British you know , moaning is what
we do best ;)

Reminds me of an Australian joke i heard once...
Q. how can you tell when a plane full of pomms lands at Melbourne Airport?
A. they turn the engines off and the bloody whining doesn't stop ;)
lmao  :D
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