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Bruce do you need to use the wrapped buffer in a gui editor and then reassemble the original with changes? 

Thank You 
Brian G 

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Il giorno mer 11 nov 2020 alle ore 13:31 Hans Lehmann < [ mailto:hans at gambas-buch.de | hans at gambas-buch.de ] > ha scritto: 


since there are true string artists among the readers, I just ask: I'm looking for a function like LikeWrap(arg1Text, arg2Length) with which you can wrap a text. At most arg2Length characters should be in one line. 
Line breaks in the original text should be preserved. A hyphenation is not used. The text must be separated by a hyphen in the last word. The length rule also applies in this case. 

Does anybody have a finished function in his source code box? 

Result with maxLength = 63: 

Hi Hans, 

I hope that Benoit does not notice that I reply to you before he does, but I had some problems and as soon as I sent this email I reply to him and I will apologize. 

I am attaching a zip file to avoid problems with g-mail. 

Have a good day 

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