[Gambas-user] trimming extra spaces from within a string.

Fabien Bodard gambas.fr at gmail.com
Tue Nov 10 21:06:10 CET 2020

This is mine but I'm not able to test it in Fast mode ... But even in
'normal' it is more faster than rolf one :-)

If someone can find why I'm not able to get it running on fast mode...

Public Function FabienTrim(sRaw As String) As String

  Dim s As String
  Dim hStream As File
  Dim bFirst As Boolean = True

  hStream = Open String For Write

  For i As Integer = 0 To Len(sRaw) - 1
    s = sRaw[i]
    If s = " " Then
      If Not bFirst Then
        Write #hStream, s
        bFirst = True
      bFirst = False
      Write #hStream, s

  s = Close #hStream

  If bFirst Then s = Left(s, -1)

  Return s


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