[Gambas-user] Retaining focus. + Key repeat after x11.SendKey

Bruce Steers bsteers4 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 10 13:50:13 CET 2020

And yes i know the screenshot code does not make sense, should have type
Case Key["Name"] but it's irrelevant , was just an example of the macro
In the clip i use the menu "Play" once then repeatedly hit F7 (but you
can't see that) , holding f7 just plays once.
And if i had the button there and clicked away rapidly on it the code
becomes messy as some key events get missed..

> A clip of it in action is here...
> http://bws.org.uk/simplescreenrecorder-2020-11-10_02.22.03.mp4 <http://bws.org.uk/simplescreenrecorder-2020-11-10_02.22.03.mp4>
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