[Gambas-user] finding active TextEditor object in IDE

Bruce Steers bsteers4 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 8 13:40:46 CET 2020

> Application.ActiveControl
Will  that be right if i've just used a menu item or button though or would
the active control be the button/menu?
I just need to ensure the active texteditor has focus.

I think i need something more accurate.
I tried Project.Workspace.Children[0]
Various variations of others i could see.
Not sure if i need to find it in Project.module or FMain.class
Just cannot find it.

Wasted too much time trying to get it to work properly.
Feeling the same about 3.15.90 right now.
Who threw in the big bag of bugs?

I've reverted to 3.15.3 (3.15.2 with a few new updates added) like shell
highlighting, gambas "highlight" mode not "painting" text and fixing the
killing of the arguments lists , bug fixes like that that only seem to get
applied to 3.15.90 and not the other existing out there versions that still
got bugs and people are using.
It's like the moment a version is released it becomes abandonware. On to
the next we go...

Seems I'm spending as much of my time finding/reporting bugs/compiling as i
am making my own software now. seems to be one thing after another at mo
with 3.15.90.

Certainly seems the bugtracker is not for existing versions only the beta
testing of the experimental one.
That's how i got recruited in, found a bug in the version i was using,
reported it, got told to upgrade to latest.
Voilla , now i'm bug testing beta unstable software :(

If Ben was the "Thank You" type it might seem a bit more worth the effort.
But no.
Case not

Bruce ,, out.
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