[Gambas-user] Postgres : Connection.Tables

Bruce adamnt42 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 7 17:59:50 CET 2020

On 1/11/20 8:47 am, Benoît Minisini wrote:
> The "table type" has actually nothing to do with whether the table is a 
> view or not, but is related to the storing engine used. It's a MySQL 
> thing, and afaik PostgreSQL stores all tables the same way.
> The concept of table view must be introduced in another way that does 
> not exist at the moment.

Ah, I see now. "Type" is the "name of the storage engine format" for the 
table and is as you say a mysql/mariadb specific concept.  That's kind 
of sad in terms of that selection of the property name "Type" is such a 
generic term. Sad, but I'll guess we will just have to live with it.

My delay in following up this thread is because I "had a good idea" and 
thought I could write a "gb.pg_direct" component that could be used 
instead of the constrained gb.db component. Sadly, it appears that I am 
no that good at writing C code, even with the help of the "Writing a 
native component for Gambas" article that Tobias wrote way back when he 
was a young man.

I will persevere but I can only spend aout two hours a day in front of a 
computer screen now as it is just too much eye strain.


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