[Gambas-user] Resizeable control at run time?

Charlie Ogier charlie at cogier.com
Thu Nov 5 19:45:02 CET 2020

Hi K.,

I'm not totally sure what you are trying to accomplish but I have had a 
play and come up with the following code using PictureBoxes instead of 
ToolButtons. They aren't movable yet but one step at a time.
You could also look at my program ScreenShot that has items that you can 
move arround, it's on the Farm or available here 
<https://gambas.one/gambasfarm/?id=877&action=search>. Check out the 
video here <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VZjC1pt7qU&feature=youtu.be>.
Let me know what else is needed.

PictureBox1 As PictureBox
hPictureBox As PictureBox
hImg1 As Image
iStartX As Integer
iStartY As Integer
iWidth As Integer
iHeight As Integer
iName As Integer

Public Sub Form_Open()

   With Me
     .Padding = 5
     .Arrangement = Arrange.Vertical
     .Resizable = False
     .W = 500
     .H = 400
   End With

   With PictureBox1 = New PictureBox(Me) As "PictureBox1"
     .Expand = True
     .Image = New Image(.ClientWidth, .ClientHeight, Color.White)
   End With


Public Sub PictureBox1_MouseDown()

   iStartX = Mouse.ScreenX - PictureBox1.ScreenX
   iStartY = Mouse.ScreenY - PictureBox1.ScreenY


Public Sub PictureBox1_MouseDrag()

   iWidth = Mouse.X - iStartX
   iHeight = Mouse.Y - iStartY

   hImg1 = New Image(PictureBox1.ClientWidth, PictureBox1.ClientHeight, 

   With Paint
     .DrawRect(iStartX, iStartY, iWidth, iHeight, Color.Blue, 2)
   End With
   PictureBox1.Image = hImg1


Public Sub PictureBox1_MouseUp()

   PictureBox1.Image = New Image(PictureBox1.ClientWidth, 
PictureBox1.ClientHeight, Color.White)

   With hPictureBox = New PictureBox(PictureBox1) As "PictureBoxes"
     .X = iStartX
     .Y = iStartY
     .Width = iWidth
     .Height = iHeight
     .Picture = Picture["icon:/256/wizard"]
     .Mode = PictureBox.Contain
     .Background = Color.Transparent
     .Alignment = Align.Center
     .Name = Str(iName)
   End With

   Inc iName


Public Sub PictureBoxes_MouseDown()

   Me.Text = "PictureBox " & Str(Last.Name)


Public Sub PictureBoxes_Enter()

   Last.Border = Border.Solid


Public Sub PictureBoxes_Leave()

   Last.Border = Border.None



On 04/11/2020 17:56, KKing wrote:
> I currently use Picturebox and allow users to draw a rectangle around 
> an area of interest use via
>     With Paint
>         .Begin(hImg1)
>         .DrawRect((intStartX), intStartY, intFinishX - intStartX, 
> intFinishY - intStartY, Color.Blue, 2)
>         .End
>     End With
>     PictureBox1.Image = hImg1
> I then replace the drawn rectangle with a ToolbarButton (because 
> Button transparent is not transparent on LXDE (out of box)). This 
> allows users to update information about the area(s) of interest, by 
> pressing the individual buttons.
> Would it be possible to do something similar, but where the users 
> would be able to move or resize the ToolbarButton or a replacement?
> I thought might be able to use non modal Forms, I can draw multiple 
> forms on top of the main form (and transparent) but I've not found a 
> way to make them moveable or resizeable.
> K.
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