[Gambas-user] Key codes from keysymdef

Bruce Steers bsteers4 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 5 01:12:55 CET 2020

Is this the wrong way to find the alt key hits?

Select Key.Code
Case key["Alt_L"]
 Return "[Alt_L]"
Case Key["ISO_Level3_Shift"]
 Return "[ISO_Level3_Shift]"  ' AltGr
Case Key["ISO_Level5_Shift"]
 Return "[ISO_Level5_Shift]"  ' AltGr+Shif
End Select

Note. I don't want to use the Key.Alt bool as it's not up for the task i need.
i was under the impression that i could use the above method after reading
the wiki Key.Code page.

I need to differ between Alt AltGr and Shift-AltGr
Or can i only get Key.Alt ?

My macro recorder has 2 blocks...
AltGr and right windows key (Super_R I believe)

Have i missed a memo or something with the above code? ;)

Tobias, I see your name in c_key.c .
I also spotted the text that said "Need anything Just Ask"

I need my macro recorder to know AltGr, and Super_R / Super_L

Key.AltGrkey says "Key symbol not found" if i try to use it

Many thanks for any info folks.

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