[Gambas-user] Resizeable control at run time?

KKing kicking177 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 4 18:56:35 CET 2020

I currently use Picturebox and allow users to draw a rectangle around an 
area of interest use via
     With Paint
         .DrawRect((intStartX), intStartY, intFinishX - intStartX, 
intFinishY - intStartY, Color.Blue, 2)
     End With
     PictureBox1.Image = hImg1
I then replace the drawn rectangle with a ToolbarButton (because Button 
transparent is not transparent on LXDE (out of box)). This allows users 
to update information about the area(s) of interest, by pressing the 
individual buttons.
Would it be possible to do something similar, but where the users would 
be able to move or resize the ToolbarButton or a replacement?
I thought might be able to use non modal Forms, I can draw multiple 
forms on top of the main form (and transparent) but I've not found a way 
to make them moveable or resizeable.

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