[Gambas-user] gambas not installed by package manager problems.

Brian G brian at westwoodsvcs.com
Wed Nov 4 17:12:43 CET 2020

Bruce lets start again: 

Goto this link: 

[ https://github.com/justlostintime/GambasShell/tree/master | https://github.com/justlostintime/GambasShell/tree/master ] 

download the following for ubuntu based lunix versions: 
or the version for your linux version 

install with the following instructions 
dpkg --force-all -i gsh* 
dpkg --force-all -i gambas3-westwood-sharedmem* 

This Link gives the usage and documentation for gsh 

It would be great if you could properly evaluate the gsh environment, I would love to get some feedback 
from you about the actual tool! 

Source repos are here: 

[ https://github.com/justlostintime/sharedmem | https://github.com/justlostintime/sharedmem ] 


Hope this works for you! 
Brian G 

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Subject: Re: [Gambas-user] gambas not installed by package manager problems. 

It all got a bit complicated for me. 
i got to load your source and compiled it but i don't know how to get the sharedmem component installed. 
for libraries you just set it as a library, compile and then gambas can see it and use it. 
for components they do not auto-install and i don't know how to get them to :( (still a newb on that) 

I made a library once but decided that libraries/components were not the way to go if you want to distribute an app with no worries. 
i decided modules and classes included with the app was better for my needs anyway , i'm just a basic basic programmer ;) 

just copying the SharedMem.gambas component to /usr/lib/gambas3 didn't work and i also had to re-write the gsh source a bit as it was trying to use "SharedMem.command" but the component installed as Memcached so i had to change all the SharedMem. instructions tro Memcached. 
still cannot get it to work though :( 

I only got this far as one of my os's does not have compiled gambas but 3.14 repo version and it installed fine on that. but i didn't check it out as i was just trying to get it compiled to install on my main os at the time. 

It sounds like a cool piece of software but i can only install it on an os that has repo installed gambas and it's a test os that one, not got much else on it i just use it for testing my apps on for compatibility. 

My best option to install any app made with the gambas packager is to remove the compiled version and install a repo version. 
But i like having a gambas i can adjust to my desires. i've got a few additions to mine i want to keep, 
i merge Benoíts latest commits to my branch and keep my additions that way. 

it saves me from being a "Benoít can you do this,, Benoít can you do that, can you merge this" kind of guy lol 
I'm only suggesting merges i think will be a great benefit to all now. 
My own personal mods i can just have myself :) 


On Wed, 4 Nov 2020 at 15:09, Brian G < [ mailto:brian at westwoodsvcs.com | brian at westwoodsvcs.com ] > wrote: 

How about a simple zip file that you unzip into /usr/share/gsh ... lol 
With the extra file... 

Thank You 
Brian G 

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Subject: Re: [Gambas-user] gambas not installed by package manager problems. 

Ok, It seems that auto tools does not install all the other files needed for the project only the binary. 
The extra files are not installed by Autotools.. 

Thank You 
Brian G 

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Subject: Re: [Gambas-user] gambas not installed by package manager problems. 

On Wed, 4 Nov 2020 at 02:26, Bruce < [ mailto:adamnt42 at gmail.com | adamnt42 at gmail.com ] > wrote: 

On 4/11/20 6:14 am, Bruce Steers wrote: 
> It's a bit of a problem if you have compiled and installed gambas manually 
> and not just installed via package manager. 
> On my system i can use theGambas "Create Installation package" function and 
> create an installation package but i cannot use it as the .deb file it 
> makes then checks the dpkg database for what i have installed and does not 
> find anything gambas so gives errors. 

Yes, this is what I was raving about approximately a month ago. 

There are several possible solutions. 
1. Use autotools as Brian G suggests. Yhis is probably the easiest, 
but.. there are some rare situations with the autotools package builder 
that I don't think were ever resolved from years ago. You probably won't 
encounter them (and I've got no recollection what they were either so 
don't ask.) And don't forget that this is how all the gambas components 
get installed when you build gambas from source. So if you have problems 
look at those make data. 

so that would get the package i'm trying to install installed but still got the other issues 
were apt/dpkg does not know gambas is installed. 

2. NASTY! hack the packae builder so it doesn't generate the package 
dependencies in the spec file. (oh, I'd never do that ever ;-) ) 


I'm thinking more along the lines of hack apt/dpkg , somehow manually add gambas packages to 
the database without actually installing :) 
Or how to make a HD repository (like the CD repositories you can add 
If we could somehow get the compiled source into a HD repository and have apt use that? 

3. Write you own installer. I have tried to do this a guzumteen times 
but something else has always come up and got in the way. All the stuff 
is there in the IDE and the project metadata to do this and it really is 
just a matter of moving files to where they need to go. Perhaps we could 


I already have too , just simple bash scripts. I figured a gambas app hardly needs an installer, 
just add the dependencies/components and hey presto it works (it just lacks menu adding) :) 
I made 2, one just adds supplied dependencies. 
the other tries to run a gambas app and if it fails it extracts the missing dependencies from the error message and keeps trying to relaunch the app until it's got everything it needs. 
But these only work for standard apps, it cannot install it's own custiom components. 

But again i don't really see a problem with the installer, for the most part it's going to work fine for most people, it only seems to have an issue with people who have compiled gambas not installed through repo. 
That's what i think need a solution :) 
If dpkg could see the compiled gambas as installed then problem solved :) 

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