[Gambas-user] Pop_OS far from compiling gambas

Bruce Steers bsteers4 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 4 14:43:49 CET 2020

Hey all.
Been trying to help someone resolve an issue getting Gambas installed on
I think they added the PPA and Pop_OS may be built from ubuntu but it's far
from ubuntu in packages.
So I think the PPA has confused things , i've advised them to remove the
PPa and try again as Pop_OS has gambas3.15.2 in the repo anyway and that
was what he was trying to install.

anyway ...
I tried compiling from source and got a big list of errors, lots of
dependencies missing.
Attached are the errors (outputs from ./configure and my install script log)

Just in case anyone cares.

Like I say it's not an issue for me, Just sending the error report in case
anyone wants to know.
Or if there is a way anyone knows of to add the ubuntu repositories to
 to satisfy the dependencies?
Or if anyone else has Pop_OS and has worked out a correct dependency list?

Cheers all  :)
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