[Gambas-user] gambas not installed by package manager problems.

Bruce adamnt42 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 4 03:25:48 CET 2020

On 4/11/20 6:14 am, Bruce Steers wrote:
> It's a bit of a problem if you have compiled and installed gambas manually
> and not just installed via package manager.
> On my system i can use theGambas "Create Installation package" function and
> create an installation package but i cannot use it as the .deb file it
> makes then checks the dpkg database for what i have installed and does not
> find anything gambas so gives errors.

Yes, this is what I was raving about approximately a month ago.

There are several possible solutions.
1. Use autotools as Brian G suggests. Yhis is probably the easiest, 
but.. there are some rare situations with the autotools package builder 
that I don't think were ever resolved from years ago. You probably won't 
encounter them (and I've got no recollection what they were either so 
don't ask.) And don't forget that this is how all the gambas components 
get installed when you build gambas from source. So if you have problems 
look at those make data.
2. NASTY! hack the packae builder so it doesn't generate the package 
dependencies in the spec file. (oh, I'd never do that ever ;-) )
3. Write you own installer. I have tried to do this a guzumteen times 
but something else has always come up and got in the way.  All the stuff 
is there in the IDE and the project metadata to do this and it really is 
just a matter of moving files to where they need to go. Perhaps we could 


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