[Gambas-user] Sending key code (macro recorder)

Bruce Steers bsteers4 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 3 19:08:50 CET 2020

Hi all.
I'm trying to make a macro recorder to record keyboard events and play them

Got a problem though.

the recorder can record the Key.Code fine (for things like up and down
arrow that do not have Key.Text)
But i cannot send it back that way.

According to the wiki SendKeys page it says  this..
*What is sent is not a string, but the internal key codes associated with
them. *
Yet i try to send a Key.Code and it complains i sent an integer not a

Am i going to have to map out a complete list of strings to match all codes
that Don't have Key.Text ?

Or can someone suggest a better way to record key events them play them

And yes i read the warning about not using Key.Code as they differ between
gtk and qt but for a macro recorder i do not see it matters unless i want
to save the macros and use them on a different system.

Many thanks.
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