[Gambas-user] On Ubuntu 20 no qt4 libraries?

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Fri Dec 25 19:05:34 CET 2020

Il giorno ven 25 dic 2020 alle ore 18:08 Rolf-Werner Eilert <
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> The thing is, I don't know for sure. I do remember there were some things
> in gb.qt4.ext I used to apply, so if they can still be operated from gb.gui
> it will be ok. Time will show, I just cannot test every function right now.
> Poppler is missing, at least I get a stroked-out gb.pdf component. What
> can I do here, do you have an idea? Can poppler be installed, or will I
> have to use some alternative library in my project? The wiki just tells me
> "deprecated"...
> Regards
> Rolf

I went from Ubuntu 18.04 to 20.04 without problems because I have been
using gb.gui.qt for years now, which chooses the correct version of qt and
works both with qt4 and qt5.
If you have qt4.ext that are not handled by gb.gui.qt then you need to
check the gb.qt5 and gb.qt5.ext libraries.
Use gb.poppler instead of gb.pdf.

I recommend you to insert a qt launcher for the ide.
Write this in /home/<your user>/.local/share/applications/gambas3.gambas
[Desktop Entry]
Exec=env GB_GUI=gb.qt5 gambas3
GenericName=Gambas 3 IDE
Comment=Gambas3 Integrated Development Environment

and when you want to start the ide with the gtk3 write gambas3 in a

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