[Gambas-user] SHELL or EXEC background with gb.web.gui

Mayost Sharon sharon at 455.co.il
Thu Dec 24 17:58:01 CET 2020


(For example I did sleep but in practice I need to run a command to convert that it takes some time)

I'm trying to run any command in the background without WAIT



Public Sub WebTimer1_Timer()

  WebLabel1.Text = Now()


Public Sub WebButton1_Click()
  Dim hProcess As Process
  hProcess = Shell "sleep 5" As "myp"

Public Sub myp_Kill()
  WebLabel2.Text = "Kill"

I see that it continues to the next line but on the page I see that the time display is stopped until the end of the command.

At the end of the command he does not update what is inside the Kill event
WebLabel2.Text = "Kill"

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