[Gambas-user] Time string to Date

Charlie Reinl Karl.Reinl at fen-net.de
Thu Dec 24 16:23:51 CET 2020


did I miss something? 
Before when I converted a Time string with Val the result was a gb.Date
and the value a Time. 
Now I get with val(Format(Now,"hh:mm")) '. 22:12:37' the Date part is
present as a Point. 
Any idea?

Sorry : 
val(Format(Now,"hh:mm")) should be val(Format(Now,"hh:nn"))

Ok, now I see clearer, and went back from
daafba28dcd4174586677334236b458096a6aadc HEAD
to ecb11f6552be93c234f0acc624f342f04971731b
Now val(Format(Now,"hh:nn")) is '22:12:37' back again, no more leading
Date-dot in Time


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