[Gambas-user] Tool to search Gambas Wiki, for key words

Jesus Guardon ea7dfh at ea7dfh.com
Wed Dec 23 12:30:45 CET 2020

El 22/12/20 a las 15:18, Bruce Steers escribió:

> google (and other crawlers) are a bit rubbish with gambas , i mostly get
> results about tapas bars selling prawn dishes lol ;)

Well, that's true if you are not filtering the results. You can add 
"site:gambaswiki.org" to your search terms or use a custom search 
created with a tool provided by them. This is the page you may use to 
program your custom searches:


And this one is a gambaswiki.org custom search made by this tool. Yeah, 
simple enough and rudimentary, but it works.


You could then add this link to your bookmarks and you're done!



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