[Gambas-user] Resizing controls inside a window

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Mon Dec 21 13:51:06 CET 2020

Il giorno lun 21 dic 2020 alle ore 13:04 David Silverwood via User <
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> Hi
> I am trying to resize a label (horizontally) and databrowser (horizontally
> & vertically) in a gambas window. I'm having a torrid time at getting it
> right though as the form resizes but the controls remain the same size.
> Been trying to search in google/duck duck go but no luck. Any pointers in
> the right direction, please.

Hi David,

you have to try to understand how containers work in Gambas.
For example try setting the Arrangement property of the form to Fill and
see what happens.
Or try setting it to Vertical and setting the databrowser or the label or
both to Expand = True.
Use other containers and do various tests...

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