[Gambas-user] Framalibre

Martin mbelmonte at belmotek.net
Mon Dec 21 11:55:57 CET 2020


Some weeks ago I write an article about Gambas in framalibre.org but it 
was deleted because it was written in English instead of French [1] then 
they propose a link for made again (in good french) the article.

I thought it might be interesting that Gambas are listed there, so I 
leave the information here in case someone from French-Speaking is 
interested in putting an article or something about Gambas in framalibre.org

[1] The record you created for Gambas has been deleted : all records 
have to be
written in French and we ask not to copy paste from an other web site (here
you used Wikipedia) but to write your own texts.

[2] https://participer.framasoft.org/fr/framalibre/index.html


Martín Belmonte.

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