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Bruce Steers bsteers4 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 19 14:12:08 CET 2020

Hi all
I'm trying to further update the TerminalView_VT100 filter

The reason is i have added the 1-10 sequences that do stuff but not the
11-19 that report stuff.
I have found using the command "resize" to resize the window issues a CSI
18 command.
18 asks for the terminalview size in characters.

documentation says this..

          *Ps* = 1 8  ⇒  Report the size of the text area in characters.
          Result is CSI  8 ;  *height* ;  *width* t

So the filter does this..
      Case 18         Dim iDims As Integer[] = [hView.Height /
hView.LineHeight, hView.Width / hView.CharWidth]
hView.Input("\033[8;" & Str(iDims[0]) & ";" & Str(iDims[1]) & "t")

But I'm dong something wrong.
Using hView.Input() was the only way i could not have resize command
timeout but actually respond but it responds with "unknown sequence"

I've tried with a terminating \n

If I could figure out how the resize command is expecting the CSI
return with 18 i could add all the others.

I've added the changes to a terminal app here if anyone wants to test
it. just run it and type "resize -s 20 100"
Line 700 is the filter reply code.

Any advice appreciated

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