[Gambas-user] Web-Service/Web-Interface

T Lee Davidson t.lee.davidson at gmail.com
Tue Dec 15 20:34:14 CET 2020

On 12/15/20 7:36 AM, Hans Lehmann wrote:
> Hallo.
> For the solution of the following task I need a solution idea:
> I have a board with a temperature sensor, which can be connected to a computer via a RS232/USB adapter. The program to read the 
> current tempatuir is after the basic configuration of the RS232 interface in the taskbar, so that only a TrayIcon is visible -> 
> https://gambas-buch.de/dwen/doku.php?id=k13:k13.6:start .
> I want to display the current temperature in a web page, where I can also configure the RS232 interface via a form.
> How do I realize in a simple way the bi-directional exchange of data between the temperature measuring program and the web 
> interface?
> With kind regards
> Hans

Depending on what you intend to use for your web server/interface, you might set up a Socket in that app that would receive 
commands from the web interface to, for example, get the current temperature and send RS232 configuration parameters.


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