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roberto.premoli at tiscali.it roberto.premoli at tiscali.it
Tue Dec 15 18:31:52 CET 2020

Il 15.12.2020 17:59 Christof Thalhofer ha scritto:

> Hi Roberto,
> Am 15.12.20 um 16:37 schrieb roberto.premoli at tiscali.it [1]:
>> Authors of articles for magazines are poorly payed: it is not a
>> surprise if they don't goo deeper into an argoument I wrote several
>> articles for italian magaziene, then the start to decrese the money 
>> for
>> articles. My alternative was to decrease the quality or resign: i
>> resigned. now i am back to write for anothe magazine that pay me
>> better. dont complay authors, complain magazienes.
> Yes i think you are right. But the German c't magazine is one of the
> oldest and known as one of the best (together with 'IX' from the same
> publishing house).
> I think we have to blame the internet for the decay of the 
> publishers.

I agree. Internet born on "now, easy, free of charge". But NOTHING came 
for free, someone MUST pay for.
some of my articles ask 20-30 days of study, test atc, absolutly not 
compatible with those few coins they pay,
and publishers-on-paper cannot face Internet, so many of them bankrupt 
and who survided, was forced to
adapt and adapt means reduce internal employee for "text review", 
payment to authors and as consdguence,
quality of articles. Sometime i read articles: clearly they are only 
english articles badly translate
in ITalian by someone that it is easy to understand is not skilled in 
argoument he is translating.
Sometimes i called publisher complain about errors and the reply was "i 
know, but i can do nothing about".
this is internet, baby :-)

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