[Gambas-user] gb.dwg started

Martin mbelmonte at belmotek.net
Sun Dec 13 23:07:46 CET 2020


I started to make the gb.dwg component I am following the instructions 
from Tobias Boege "Writing a native component for gambas" [0].

The objective is to use the project made for Reini Urban [1] and of 
course the LibreDWG library.

[0] https://wasd.urz.uni-magdeburg.de/tboege/gambas/native_comp.pdf

[1] https://github.com/LibreDWG/gambas3-bindings

So I follow the first steps.

0) Install all the dependecies recomended by the web site for Arch 
distro (I use Manjaro) -> sudo pacman -Syu --needed --noconfirmalure ... 
here tthe option "--noconfirmalure" doesent work on my terminal then I 
decide not use it

1) Download the source code - ok

2 ) Made the gb.dw.conf file, then run ./make-compoente gb.dwg but 
doesent work properly, the message was:

which: no cpp in 
./make-component: error: cpp was not found

I attached the conf file gb.dwg.conf

Any sugestion?


Martín Belmonte.

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/* Copyrights */
#define __COPYRIGHT (c) 2020
#define __AUTHOR Author
#define __EMAIL <Author at email.net>

/* Name of the component */
#define __COMPONENT gb.dwg

/* Name of the component with points replaced by underscore */

/* Short name of the component */
#define __NAME dwg

/* Short name of the component in uppercase */
#define __UNAME DWG

/* Description of the component */
#define __DESCRIPTION LibreDWG library

/* If the component detection uses pkg-config */
#define __USE_PKGCONFIG 1

	/* Name of the package for pkg-config */
	#define __PKGCONFIG_NAME dwg
	/* Minimum version needed */
	#define __PKGCONFIG_VERSION 1.0.0
#else /* __USE_PKGCONFIG */
	/* If your component uses C */
	#define __USE_C 1
	/* If your component uses C++ */
	//#define __USE_CPLUSPLUS 1
	/* If your component uses multi-threading */
	//#define __USE_THREAD 1
	/* If your component uses X-Window */
	//#define __USE_XWINDOW 1
	/* Includes to search for */
	#define __SEARCH_INCLUDE c_dwg.h c_ents.h 
	/* Includes directories search path */
	#define __SEARCH_INCLUDE_PATH /usr/local/lib /usr/local /usr/lib /usr
	/* Includes sub-directories search */
	//#define __SEARCH_INCLUDE_DIR test/include include c_dwg*/include test/*/include
	/* Libraries to search for */
	//#define __SEARCH_LIBRARY libtest.$SHLIBEXT libjpeg.$SHLIBEXT libpng.$SHLIBEXT
	/* Libraries directories search path */
	#define __SEARCH_LIBRARY_PATH /usr/local
	/* Libraries sub-directories search path */
	#define __SEARCH_LIBRARY_DIR lib
	/* Libraries to link with */
	#define __LIBRARY -libredwg
	/* Includes to link with */
	#define __INCLUDE -libredwg
#endif /* __USE_PKGCONFIG */

/* Source file list */
#define __SOURCES main.c main.h

/* Main C/C++ source basename in uppercase */

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