[Gambas-user] Program not starting

Benoît Minisini g4mba5 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 12 17:48:33 CET 2020

Le 12/12/2020 à 17:44, Tony Morehen a écrit :
> Yes I read the commit logs and I studied the exact changes each commit 
> made.  Unfortunately, I didn't notice the problem until several commits 
> later.  It took a while to identify the particular commit.
> I never thought to check my startup form.  It's visible property should 
> have been set to true.  Unfortunately, I got sidetracked. That form 
> contains several custom controls, versions of DirView and FileChooser, 
> some of which are hidden.  Since those controls are form-based and the 
> program exited after initializing those controls, I thought my problem 
> was there.
> My startup form is quite complicated and I've had forms get corrupted in 
> the past.  So, I decided to recreate the form, one part at a time.  The 
> form had three major components, the menu, toolbar and body.  I copied 
> the body and code over to the new form and edited the code to account 
> for the missing objects.  The new form opened successfully.  Copied the 
> toolbar over and re-edited the code for the new objects.  Again a 
> successful open.  Now to copy the menu over.  I decided to do that with 
> a text editor.  I opened the two form files to copy over the 
> menu-related lines and then noticed that the original form has its 
> visible property set to false.  A light goes on!
> Sometimes we overlook the obvious.  I assumed I screwed up in my 
> customization of DirView and FileChooser controls that your commit was 
> only now revealing.  Instead it was another, simpler error on my part, a 
> very careless error.

Maybe if the form visible property is set to FALSE, I should show that 
with some special icon in the form editor, or in the form icon itself? 
No idea what exactly, this is just an idea.


Benoît Minisini

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