[Gambas-user] Program not starting

Tony Morehen tmorehen at ajm-software.com
Sat Dec 12 16:16:19 CET 2020

Just a warning, hopefully a helpful one.

Since commit d4a0982a, one of my programs refused to start. The startup 
form would begin, run some initialization code, then exit with error 
code 1.  There were no error messages, nothing to indicate what the 
problem was.  Stepping through the program was not helpful.  All it 
showed was that the exit occurred between one sub-routine and the next.

Several days of debugging my program and recompiling Gambas to identify 
the exact change followed.  I finally started to recreate the startup 
form.  The new form ran!  Looking at the differences between the two 
forms revealed my error and it certainly was _*my*_  error.  The visible 
property of the original form was set to false!

How that happened I have no idea.  Most likely I was trying to change 
the visibility of a control on the form, but selected the form by mistake.


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