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December 11, 2020 1:25 AM, "Bruce Steers" <bsteers4 at gmail.com (mailto:bsteers4 at gmail.com?to=%22Bruce%20Steers%22%20<bsteers4 at gmail.com>)> wrote:
  Pretty sure Gambas does not rearrange the order, Buttons are left to right as entered on QT and gtk. I just tried this... Message.Custom("test message", ["But 1", "But 2", "But 3", "But 4", "But 5", "But 6"]) And all 6 buttons were in the correct order on all GUI toolkits i tried , gtk,gtk3 qnd QT5  
Sorry, I meant the default dialogs, like Ok, Cancel stuff. I suppose following the desktop environment guidelines is the "proper" way to go , but the Cancel, Ok ordering on the Plasma I am using right now is confusing. I vaguely remember gnome used to do that a long time ago, haven't used it for a quite while. Anyway, I haven't really been programming in Gambas for a long time now, though I have been recently setting things up to try and update some of my apps (from way back in my VectorLinux days) to newer Gambas 3 (just so little free time right now...).

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