[Gambas-user] Fwd: LibreDWG Bindings available, we need collaborators

Martin mbelmonte at belmotek.net
Tue Dec 8 21:18:41 CET 2020

Ok, I re send this email for solve the attacment problem for gmail users.

Note: Rename please gb.dwg.txt to gb.dwg.tar.gz



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Subject: 	Re: [Gambas-user] LibreDWG Bindings available, we need 
Date: 	Mon, 7 Dec 2020 21:59:54 +0100
From: 	Martin <mbelmonte at belmotek.net>
To: 	user at lists.gambas-basic.org

Ok, I put all the gambas-binding [1] files in overwriting a copy of the 
gb.dbus (see attach) component but nothing else.

[1] https://github.com/LibreDWG/gambas3-bindings

How I follow?

If I put this in the Gambas sources directory, in practice does it mean 
that I will have to change Gambas from my system to the development one 
and install from these sources?
to be able to do experiments with the libredwg library, right?
If I do this, I'm afraid that I can't develop the GauchoCAD application 
correctly or maybe I can, but to run it on another machine, it will also 
have to have the gambas development (my tuned) version?
Well I'm a little lost.
Is it possible to make a component and compile it and install it on my 
system, without using gambas development?
In that case I leave the attached file with a beginning of said 
component using gb.dbus as a base



On 7/12/20 17:22, Fabien Bodard wrote:
> This need to included in the gambas tree.
> Le lun. 7 déc. 2020 à 16:49, Martin <mbelmonte at belmotek.net 
> <mailto:mbelmonte at belmotek.net>> a écrit :
>     Hi everyone,
>     The LibreDWG team are working hard, recently they give to us the
>     gambas bindings as they call it.
>     Here in GauchoCAD team we really need some help in order to
>     implement this in gambas as a component.
>     I consider that the implementation of this library in Gambas is
>     very important but unfortunately I do not have the knowledge to do
>     it, I continue using shell instructions.Again I ask for help here
>     to take a look (I leave the link below) if someone could
>     collaborate it would be great. Thank you.
>     https://github.com/LibreDWG/gambas3-bindings
>     <https://github.com/LibreDWG/gambas3-bindings>
>     Regards.
>     MB
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