[Gambas-user] send window to back (not stacking = below)

Bruce Steers bsteers4 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 8 15:31:18 CET 2020

Hi all..

Anyone know how to send a window to the bottom or top of the stack?
I'm using the Window object and *win.Raise() *and *win.Lower() *do nothing.
setting *win.Stacking = Window.Top* or *Window.Bottom *sends to top or
bottom but keeps it there and if i set stacking back to normal the window
returns to it's position. ?

I'm stumped.

I've added XTerm "window manipulations t" to TerminalView.
Ie. using
echo -en "\033[4;200;600t" to Resize the term window.
echo -en "\033[10;2t" to toggle full screen.
(see list below)

It only makes sense to use these functions if your window is a Terminal
only app (no other controls just the terminal, like a normal terminal
application) So i added the bool Property WinManipulations to TerminalView.
By default it is false and the commands will not work. but set the property
to true and they will work on the top level window.

Have got 1 - 10 working but 5 and 6 are not quite right, they set
window.Stacking = Window.Above.
Here's the info from the merge request...


   - NEW: various XTerm window manipulation escape sequences added to VT100
   - NEW: Added Boolean Property WinManipulation to enable manipulations.

Useful if your terminalview is standalone in a form/window.
Set property TerminalView1.WinManipulations to True and it
enables the following XTerm escape sequences on the top window...
Eg. Type 'echo -en "\033[10;2t"' to toggle fullscreen.\

Handles the following codes...
1, minimize false
2, minimize true
3, move window (x,y)
4, Resize (h,w) in pixels
5, stack front (this sets or unsets Stacking=Window.Above)
6, stack back (this sets or unsets Stacking=Window.Below)
7, Refresh
8, Resize (cols,lines) text characters
9;0 maximize false
9;1 maximize true (also works as true/false toggle)
10;0 full screen off
10;1 full screen on
10;2 full screen toggle\

5 and 6 should ideally just send window to front or back and not set
stacking but i do not know how. Any advice appreciated :)
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