[Gambas-user] shell command with gb.web.gui

Mayost Sharon sharon at 455.co.il
Mon Dec 7 20:23:41 CET 2020


gambas 3.15.2
fedora 32 64 bit

I use gb.web.gui

There's a problem when I finish downloading any file:
Event: Finish
I run a command through the shell
For example I wait 10 seconds "shell sleep 10" (sample only)
Indeed it works well as long as I am through the IDE
But if I compile and put the file on an HTTPD server in cgi-bin
For some reason when he finishes the standby command
The entire session is deleted and restarts
The thing is that if I execute the same command at the push of a button it works well

Sorry for my English, so I'm attaching a demo
Attached are Gambas files
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