[Gambas-user] gitlab-ci / archlinux poppler-splash error, and Fedora inclusion

Benoît Minisini g4mba5 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 4 23:37:12 CET 2020

Le 04/12/2020 à 20:18, Tony Morehen a écrit :
> poppler-cpp may have table of contents items, however, I couldn't find 
> them... opaque documentation and no example code.  That's what I miss 
> from the microsoft world (excellent docs and code all over the 
> internet).  And don't get me started about the coding practices of gnome 
> and Lennart Poettering.
> Their style is in sharp contrast to your own and to Linus Torvald's.

I solved the problem by using both poppler-cpp for the rendering, and 
poppler-glib for the rest. It is not perfect because I have to open the 
pdf document twice, to create the page object at each rendering. But at 
least it works.

As for microsoft, I remember having in the past examples in their 
DirectX documentation that didn't work at all. :-) But it was in times 
when playing a video successfully was near a miracle.


Benoît Minisini

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