[Gambas-user] Gambas Web-Form-Apps

Claus Dietrich claus.dietrich at freenet.de
Thu Dec 3 11:56:48 CET 2020


Although I gained some knowledge about Gambas over the years, I failed to write a Web-App with Gambas. My aim: Writing a Web-Form-App which provides a GUI on a Web-Browser just like those GUIs you get, when you connect with a web-browser to a router or NAS for configuration. My Web-applications would be purely technical, which means, that I want to manage (control) some equipment through a serial interface and this shall be possible from any PC/ mobile phone in my house.

So I started a Web-Form-App and added gb.net for the serial interface (the IDE didn't provide any warning). To my disappointment I found, that SerialPort-objects can be generated with a New-constructor, but they didn't work as usual. Right after generating the SerialPort-object I was able to send something over the RS232 interface, but any later attempt raised an "Null object" error.

What is wrong? Did I make any mistake? Are Gambas Web-Apps limited to database applications? Are Web-Form-Apps limited to controls designated as "Web"-controls? Are there any workarounds? Would it be possible to include gb.net into a Web-Form-App in the future if not possible today?

I have zero experience with web apps and would be grateful for any reply.

Best regards


P.S: I was using Gambas V3.15.2 with the embedded server.

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