[Gambas-user] Missing Tag-Values in MediaTagList

M Be bm.530502 at ...626...
Tue Sep 12 16:11:05 CEST 2017

I've tried to read the values in MediaTagList:

Public mPlayer As MediaPlayer

Public Sub Button1_Click()
   mPlayer = New MediaPlayer As "mplayer"
   mPlayer.URL = "http://us3.internet-radio.com:8078"

Public Sub mPlayer_Tag(TagList As MediaTagList)
Dim tags As String
   For Each tags In TagList.Tags
     Print tags

But I just got the tags like organization, genre, bitrate or title and not
the appropriate values for the tags.

If I use the GStreamer command line: gst-launch-1.0  -m playbin uri=
I will get all the information of the taglist, i.e.:

Got message #279 from element "pulsesink1" (tag): GstMessageTag,
taglist=(taglist)"taglist\,\ organization\=\(string\)\"Classic\\\ Rock\\\
HD\"\,\ genre\=\(string\)\"Classic\\\ Rock\\\ SHERADIO\\\ WSHE\\\
RADIOSHE\"\,\ location\=\(string\)http://www.ClassicRock-HD.com\,\
audio-codec\=\(string\)\"MPEG\\\ 1\\\ Audio\\\,\\\ Layer\\\ 3\\\
\\\(MP3\\\)\"\,\ nominal-bitrate\=\(uint\)128000\,\
has-crc\=\(boolean\)false\,\ channel-mode\=\(string\)joint-stereo\,\
minimum-bitrate\=\(uint\)128012\,\ bitrate\=\(uint\)127981\,\
maximum-bitrate\=\(uint\)128012\,\ title\=\(string\)\"Kiss\\\ -\\\
Christine\\\ Sixteen\"\;";

Did I make a mistake or are the values not supported?

Thanks in advance for any idea or help.

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