[Gambas-user] Embeded HTTP server

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Fri Sep 28 08:22:04 CEST 2012

On Friday 28 September 2012 01:06:57 Benoît Minisini wrote:
> Le 28/09/2012 00:54, Adrien Prokopowicz a écrit :
> > Wow, that sounds great ! Thanks Benoît ! :-)
> > I will try it out right now, and see what I can already do with that.
> > Just one little question : as you say that the interpreter makes many
> > initializations, is the project (and all its data, and maybe
> > translation files) loaded as well ? This can affect a lot the execution
> > time.
> At the moment, the HTTP server is run just after the ".project" file has
> been loaded, analyzed, and the required components loaded. When it forks
> to actually run the project, the _init() functions of all exported
> classes from components written in Gambas are called, the main hooks are
> run, and then the Main() function of the startup class is run.
> As for translation files, they are always loaded the later as possible
> (when the first translated string of the component or the project is
> needed).
> > I will see if apache can redirect the HTTP request to the interpreter,
> > so that Apache will handle serving static files (CSS/JS/Images ...) and
> > rewrite some URLs. It could be a workaround until the gb.httpd server
> > can handle all that.
> gb.httpd is intended to serve only what is inside the project. I think
> it could be modified so that it serves static files located inside the
> project without running the CGI script.
> Regards,

How can i use it and take advantage of this feature if i do not know all the 
details ?
can i run a gmbas project using gb.httpd on PC1 (or raspberry) and access the 
running project via http from another machine PC2 ?

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