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Mon Sep 24 09:51:02 CEST 2012

On Sat, 2012-09-22 at 00:53 +0200, Benoît Minisini wrote: 
> Le 22/09/2012 00:18, jm a écrit :
> > So when I typed gambas2 and it didn't work,
> > I typed gambas2 --help.
> >
> > Naturally that won't work because it a sym link.
> >
> > But nearly all other Linux commands do something
> > when you type --help.
> >
> > e.g
> > firefox --help
> > konqueror --help
> > ssh --help
> > ls --help
> >
> > Anyway I then tried gbr2 --help after realizing what was
> > happening.
> >
> > That also does not work because gambas
> > doesn't have any normal Linux command line
> > friendly options.
> >
> > As gambas gets ported to more and more ARM and future
> > distros, there will be more and more problems like this.
> >
> > If gambas had --help, and also something like a -v n
> > for verbosity level n in command line, then it will
> > be easier to debug in environments where the IDE
> > has not started up yet.
> > If the verbose messages are cleverly worded in unique ways, then
> > when they get pasted into forums, they start
> > seeding google with messages that can be searched for
> > and the fixes become more easy to find. And duplication of effort
> > will also reduce.
> >
> gambas2 or gambas3 programs has no options and take just one argument, 
> the project to open. So having an "--help" option will not be print 
> something really useful. But I can admit that point, and could make an 
> "--help" option.

Thank you for putting in the option.

> Anyway, why do you think that if gambas2 or gambas3 has an "--help" 
> option, it will be easier for me to fix the bugs on a specific 
> architecture? A "-v" verbosity option will not be useful too. It exists 
> already actually, it is the debugger.

The -v is for guessing at problems without reaching for support
and clogging up the works with trivial requests.
The -v is different from debugger because the debugger reports
inherent software problems while the -v posts useful messages
at control points.
As the system develops the users can request for -v options
to help track down problems.

> And last question: why don't you do what is explained on the "Reporting 
> a problem" page of the website as I told you in a previous mail? Which 
> is what is useful to help fixing bugs.

I will try soon if I don't get anywhere.
My device is constantly crashing and I haven't gone through all
the possibilities. 

> I won't fix Gambas 2 for ARM, but will for Gambas 3. It already works on 
> two ARM architectures, so it should not be a big deal to make it work or 
> a third one, a fourth one, until ARM becomes more "standardized"... 
> provided that you give me the needed information!

I am very happy to hear that! I was trying out gambas2 from the distro
makers so that I do the least amount of work to get something going.
(I am going to try out Jussi's suggestion of installing libqt3-mt
and if that fails I move on to gambas3 from trunk and if that gets stuck
I report it a problem - that will take several days of work as the
device is slow to compile and crashes when CPU usages gets a bit high
for too long.)

It would be good to get the MK802 working with gambas! :-)

> Regards,

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