[Gambas-user] How do I replace Image transparent background with a white background?

RICHARD WALKER richard.j.walker at ...247...
Mon Sep 17 12:46:59 CEST 2012

Sorry for the delay in "confirming" my findings with your PaintImage
version of my problem's solution. Sadly it took me hours (and more
hours) to get it working. I tried all sorts of tricks to make it
produce an undistorted/uncorrupted version on the clipboard of the
rendered image but nothing worked.

Finally, this morning after a long brisk walk back from the garage
where my car is getting its annual service today, it occurred to me to
try changing the GB_GUI environment variable. That did the trick. It
works perfectly when using gb.qt4 and doesn't when using gb.gtk.

Sadly that is not an easy option for me because using gb.qt4 breaks
the auto-resizing of the fontchooser thing which works differently
with gb.gtk. To benefit from the superior results of the PaintImage
method I must use gb.qt4 and find a way to persuade the qt4
fontchooser thing to adjust its txtExample TextBox height to
accommodate larger font sizes without encroaching on the Family, Style
and Size controls (or disable it altogether as I can use my rendered
image as the font size "preview").

...meanwhile, hours later, ... I have decided to go with qt4 and try
to fix the resizing problem - or catch it with a panic button.


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