[Gambas-user] Send data back to SQLite3 Table??

rocko sunblaster5 at ...626...
Mon Sep 3 05:52:25 CEST 2012

After retrieving data and modifying it , I need to send it back to the
I am tried the following:

 rTable = DB.Create("inventory")
  sResult = DB.Find("inventory", id = &1, ID)
           For Each sResult
             $date1 = sResult!endDate
             $date2 = Now
             Print $date2 'debuging print statements
             Print $date1
             $left = sResult!daysLeft
             $left = DateDiff($date2, $date1, gb.Day)
             Print $left
             sResult!endDate = $left

But sResult is read only and I also tried rTable but that adds a new
record, I need to update the daysLeft field only.

rocko <sunblaster5 at ...626...>

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