[Gambas-user] TextEdit, and missing Link event

Karl Reinl karl.reinl at ...9...
Sun Jul 31 14:43:36 CEST 2011


did not find in http://gambasdoc.org/help/doc/gb2togb3?v3 so I aks here,
I move my project from gb2 to gb3.
I used a TextEdit with very simple HTML and a href in, and the Link
event to open it in the browser.
Now gb3 TextEdit don't show my very simple HTML any more (test only) und
has no Link event (the Link event was never in the documentation, even
in gb2)

The TextLabel shows the simple HTML like it should be, but I don't find
no Link event.

gambas3 rev 3956 
Mandriva 2010.2  
qt4 only (gtk not tested)


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