[Gambas-user] Read and Write Null

tobias tobiasboe1 at ...20...
Sun Jul 24 12:16:57 CEST 2011

On 24.07.2011 11:46, Benoît Minisini wrote:
>> good morning Benoit,
>> this issue has kept me awake almost all the night.
>> if i have an uninitialized collection and want it to be written to and
>> then read from a file:
>> Dim cCol As Collection = Null
>> Dim hFile As File
>> hFile = Open "~/test" For Write Create
>> Write #hFile, cCol As Variant
>> Close #hFile
>> hFile = Open "~/test" For Read
>> cCol = Read #hFile As Variant
>> Print cCol
>> i get segfault (in Write instruction) and figured out that it is about
>> this line (in my rev #3944 gbx_stream.c:1116)
>> if (TYPE_is_object(type)) type = T_OBJECT;
>> and the switch branch for T_OBJECT which doesn't seem to expect a Null
>> object (i think... i didn't look very closely to it)
>> (why am i telling you this, you'll know it better)
>> so i sat down and manually created my file without Writing Null as a
>> datatype but as a string:
>> Write #hFile, "\x0f\x00", 2
>> and thought that it will at least now succeed but i get an error about
>> typemismatch (wanted standard type got Null instead). Read also seems
>> not to expect the Null (there is no T_NULL branch in STREAM_read_type's
>> switch)
>> shouldn't it be possible to at least read that Null as it is a standard
>> type?
>> regards,
>> tobi
> Hi,
> The bug should be fixed in revision #3946.
> Regards,
yes, everything's fine now.


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