[Gambas-user] Issue 74 in gambas: printer error with gb.report and gb.qt

gambas at ...2524... gambas at ...2524...
Wed Jul 20 17:41:56 CEST 2011

Comment #10 on issue 74 by flynetin... at ...626...: printer error with  
gb.report and gb.qt

I do not know why but I tried it on 3 different pc all with ubuntu natty  
and gambas3 svn and I have always the same problem. When using the  
ReportExample that included with sample prints, all works fine with the  
preview but when clicking the Print button fires the error "not enough  
I know that these problems are difficult to identify when there are only  
individual cases but I'm sure this error is given with the conditions  
Sorry for the insistence
Thank you.

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