[Gambas-user] Issue 74 in gambas: printer error with gb.report and gb.qt

gambas at ...2524... gambas at ...2524...
Wed Jul 20 16:25:03 CEST 2011

Comment #8 on issue 74 by flynetin... at ...626...: printer error with  
gb.report and gb.qt

After reviewing the code of the report component finds that the error on  
the FPreview form to implement the btnPrint_Click event. At this point  
using the clone () method throws an error "not enough arguments." I  
conclude that the error is in the clone () method of the Report class but  
as I not understand how it works i do not find the solution. I hope you can  
find the problem. thanks
Probed in Ubuntu Natty and gambas3 svn version

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