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Wed Jul 13 18:42:28 CEST 2011

see here

On Wed, 2011-07-13 at 11:44 -0400, Rob wrote:
> On Wednesday 13 July 2011 05:27, Iggy Budiman wrote:
> > Android doesn't use X windows, no GTK nor QT.
> > Maybe You can compile it for text mode only, compile it for Arm, but
> > with no graphic.
> Someone has ported Qt to Android.  I don't know how many X-specific hacks 
> there are in Gambas, but someone sufficiently motivated (that is to say, 
> not me) might be able to port Gambas (using NDK) as well.  Google for 
> android-lighthouse.
> I think such a thing would be kind of hacky and result in a lot of bad, 
> hoggy non-native-feeling apps being written, due to the way NDK works, but 
> it should be possible.
> Eclipse and Google's Android SDK together are definitely not as easy to 
> learn as Gambas, but they do provide a GUI form designer and Java is 
> certainly easier to deal with than, say, Objective-C.  For those not up to 
> that challenge, there's Google App Inventor.
> Rob
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